Suzhou Lianchang Special Fiber Co,. Ltd.

公司早在1997年就已成功开发了与法国雪铁龙汽车配套的内饰顶棚纤维,并出口日本。 十几年来,公司全体技术人员不断探索创新、成功研发了上百种与不同款型汽车配套的顶棚、衣帽架、地毯、行李箱等车用内饰纤维。 国内已有45%以上的汽车针刺顶棚、衣帽架纤维采用了联畅化纤生产的玉泉牌汽车内饰纤维。 公司于2008年研发的拥有自主知识产权的阻燃型中空、多孔三维卷曲纤维,目前已成功应用于京沪高铁座椅的填充材料。
公司注重科学管理的经营理念,公司先后顺利通过 ISO9001质量管理体系 、ISO14001 环境管理体系认证,公司产品得到了各细分行业的高度肯定和赞赏,喜获各种殊荣。
Suzhou Lianchang special fiber Co,. Ltd situated in Taicang,Jiangsu province, which is one of China’s top 100 country level cities. To the east is   the Yangtze River, south connecting Shanghai, west connecting Kunshan and Suzhou and north connecting Changshu. Transportation is convenient due to this location which is an obvious advantage.
Founded in 1937, company was known as the Shanghai Number seven chemical fiber plant. In 1970, the company started to produce polyester   staple fiber and has been one of the earliest companies to do research and produce chemical fiber in China. Today the company is well known in the industry and with an excellent reputation. It has established 5 main product series including colored fiber for automobile interior decoration series,
functional fiber series, three-dimensional hollow fiber and multihole fiber series, profiled fiber series and Industrial fiber series.
As early as 1997, company successfully developed automobile interior roof top fiber for France car manufacturer Citroen and meanwhile, the
products was exported to Japan. In past decade, our technicians continuously research and successfully developed over 100 various innovative
products. Those automobile interior fibers have been used for roof top, coat rack, carpet, luggage compartment etc.More than 45% of prod roof top, coat rack interior fiber in China are made of interior fiber with Yuquan brand, which are produced by Lianchang. In 2008, the company developed
and gained intellectual property over flame retardant hollow fiber and multihole inter-tangling fiber.Nowadays, they are used as seat filling material
for Beijing-Shanghai high speed railways.Company’s action such as: strengthening of management, continuous innovation, pioneering efforts,
attentively focus on developing new products, continues to expend application range. Resulting transformation from traditional textile sector
towards industrial, transportation, medical, culture&sports, military, aerospace and other cutting-edge scientific sector. Lianchang has become he
technical leader in industry, and its overall capacity continues to grow.
Based on more than 40-year experience of production as well as research involvement of universities such as East China university of science and technology, Donghua university, the company’s products continue to expand both in range and in depth. Issues of“new, unique, technical”have
been overcomed continuously. We are providing optimal solutions for our customers.
The company focuses on the idea of scientific management to improve operation philosophy. The company have successfully obtain ISO9001
international quality system certification and ISO14001 environmental management system certification. The company received numerous awards
and our products are highly appreciated and affirmed by all industries.
In the foreseeable future development, Lianchuang will be completing transformation from a manufacturer towards innovative role, and strives
to become a top R&D fiber enterprise. We hope to continue to rely on good corporate reputation, progressive management and technical skills, as
well as confidence in product quality assurance, by cooperating with all sector of society, to forge ahead hand in hand and build a splendid

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